About us

Shellfish Culture Ltd. was founded as a co-operative in 1979 by the early pioneers of the Tasmanian pacific oyster industry.  The unreliability of natural spat collection made the development of a hatchery essential to the survival of the fledgling industry.  In its 30 plus year history, the Company has matured into a confident unlisted public company, with shareholders comprising of a mix of aquaculture producers and private investors.

The original annual production target was several million single seed Pacific oyster spat.  This target has grown to several hundred million seed per annum as the Company keeps pace with the expanding industry.  Shellfish Culture Ltd. is the largest shellfish seed producing company in Australia and is the preferred seed supplier to the Australian shellfish farming industry.

The Company operates land and sea based hatchery, nursery and farm facilities at a number of sites in southern Tasmania.  Our unique combination of technical expertise and natural resources allows us to produce oysters that are superb in every respect.

We stand on our reputation as the supplier of the highest quality shellfish seed available because we’re professional in what we do.  We have the same problems as anyone else, but it’s how we deal with them that makes us different.

We have created an expectation of quality in our markets, which means we have helped put Australian oysters on plates around the world.  Our business partnership with shellfish farmers in the exceptionally clear, clean waters of Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales produce much sought after premium quality oysters.

Shellfish Culture Ltd. has always been a key supporter of the shellfish aquaculture industry in Australia.  Our focus on industry research and development is unparalleled, and we have close working relationships with government and educational research bodies.  Our R&D relationships have resulted in a distinguished network of Australian and international experts and links with some of the world’s best research centre’s for aquaculture.


Our professional staff of highly trained and multi-skilled technicians is dedicated to producing the highest quality shellfish seed in the world.

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