Superior Pedigree

Our shellfish broodstock management program ensures traceability of parentage.  Broodstock are carefully evaluated and selected to ensure the next generation is yet another superior product.  We select for optimum shape, meat size and growth rates to produce larvae which are top quality from day one.

 Did you know?  An oyster holds itself together with about 22 pounds of pressure.

Pristine Conditions

Our hatcheries are located for best access to the pristine marine waters of Tasmania.  This provides an edge in creating the best possible environment for production of top quality seed.  Nothing grows as beautifully as shellfish that have been nurtured, encouraged and tended to with absolute care in a clean, green environment.

Did you know?  King Henry IV of France was known to eat 300 oysters as an appetiser.

Awesome Algae

Our larvae are fed a varied diet of nutrient-rich and invigorating algae, the perfect food.  Our depth of experience in creating the best possible balance of food has resulted in a superior product line that is consistent in its quality.

Did you know?  Oysters stored at 5 degrees celsius have a maximum shelf-life of 10 days.

Terrific Product

Our superior broodstock program in conjunction with Tasmania’s pristine waters and our ability to produce awesome algae ensure you are receiving a terrific product.

Did you know?  In 1859, residents of New York City spent more money on oysters than on butcher’s meat.

 Standard (diploid) Crassostrea Gigas  Standard Oyster Factsheet

Our standard line is of the very highest quality.  Our broodstock records, and the experience of our employees during the broodstock selection process ensures a superior product.

Spawnless (triploid) Crassostrea Gigas  Spawnless Oyster Factsheet

Our spawnless batches are consistently returning results of 100% triploidy.  The benefits to our customers of having stock that doesn’t spawn are huge.  Our quality spawnless lines are in high demand.

Thoroughbred (ASI)(diploid) Crassostrea Gigas

Our premium line, produced from broodstock selected from the Australian Seafood Industries (ASI) genetic breeding program, is now in it’s tenth year.  The production of uniformly shaped oysters with even growth is proving very beneficial to the industry.

Spawnless Cross Thoroughbred (ASI) Crassostrea Gigas

Our recent decision to include a Thoroughbred (ASI) batch crossed with our spawnless line to our production schedule presents yet another option for our customers.

Shellfish Seed Sizes and Price

Our standard sale size stock is graded off a 5,000 screen.  This screen produces an oyster of 7-10mm, just perfect for 3mm Seapa tubes or seed trays.  Enquiries for supply of 8,000 screen (10-15mm) and 10,000 screen (15-20mm) spat are welcome.  Please contact us for prices and availability.